Tweets, A Practise to Concise Writings

In writing, we tend to wanting to put everything in one sentence, don’t we?

Either in working an email, article, report, even a tweet. Whatever your craft is, conveying concise message takes long practice of repeat writing as process. But once you find rhythm that match you, it’d be as easy as talking to yourself. Even a better experience, as you can see the actual words and do a second round of checking prior to publishing it. Not to get it right but to get to that concise level.

I’ll share few of my tips. Not pro tho but I hope you’d find the following useful. A different perspective for you to elaborate.

Keeping it short.

Rushing to write everything in one sentence would lead you to craft a bulky one. Unfortunately, such only works when you’re wrapping a present to 5 years old for Christmas.

Most times, I find two elaborative short sentences is better than one non stop. You might tangled the non advanced readers during the read. Minimise possibility of creating bigger room for misinterpretation. If you do wish to tangled your readers, then served it purposefully. Say, to spark further questions, to seed doubts, to invite critics or debates.

Long sentence also expose us to redundancy use of words. Break it down by limiting to one key take out per sentence. Ask urself if you next sentence is needed. How is it useful to you, readers and the message itself.

Take Twitter as space to practise your craft. The platform is excellent to sharpen concise message crafting. It serves not just writing but also thru meme use to voice.

Celebrate mistakes. Typo is fine. Use it to train your creativity. The goal is improved skill not period of experience.

@threadreaderapp could be our compiling partner after series of tweets. They’d serve you the bridge that ease reviewing the writing for medium or other platforms.

Another important note to apply on practising your writing, always take considerable pause between first and your following reviews. This would replace the role of second person as editor – if you don’t have one.

So, if this kind a note suits you, I might proceed to my way of building perspectives thru writing. Or maybe on how I interpret data to craft elaborative storyline. Later tho 😉

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