Not getting the job I want turn out to be the best thing that ever happen to me.

“I rarely got the job I applied for, but instead it always lead me to a better experience.” That’s how I described my work journey in a sentence.

Everything doesn’t fit at the beginning. I was majoring accounting in vocational high school; taking psychology with more focus on human development for bachelor degree; learning how to build and valuate a company for master degree which majoring in strategic finance. Although I have reasons for each decisions back then, none of those make sense.

But now, at this point of my journey, I am confident to conclude that my background in education and experience makes my perspective unique in delivering my work. I have the right ingredients at hand. But, what do I do now?

The big picture is I manage projects. In actual, I’m responsible for digital product development from UI concept to its service build for clients. It is not the utilisation of new technology that fascinate me most, although it is interesting to learn that choosing it right would bring different result for users or audience who are using it. From my personal perspective, the context of having limitless possibilities to bring in ideas and new concept with data is far more attractive.

My interactions with those technology savvy people have challenged my thinking, “what other things can we create with these remarkable talents as my circle.” One of the best notion ever said to me last year was, “If you can get these talent, ty, you can build anything.” That simple coffee talk would require different page for me to outline.

Anyway, back to the sentence of how did I end up here and for that I want to start with me being a storyteller.

Of being a storyteller. I’d like to believe that I’m a born writer. I fall for reading and writing since elementary school. Biography and comics have been my greatest pleasure at the time. I remember discovering my first biography at the school’s library, a Michael Faraday story, then followed by me being crazy about Galileo. This led me to hunt all sort of books about him.

Writing has always been my favourite assignment until college. Of course, it was when I realise that everything needs to be delivered in writing.

Next, I was teaching English for my high school. I did it since my last year at the school up to the full college years. It was started by teaching English debate of the Australian style for the juniors. The experience served me quite well and helped me to shift from teaching to enter the corporate world.

The next job was translator for one of Indonesia’s biggest economy newspaper. Again, I responded to a challenge of learning new things. So, when the company offered me to try on the translator role, I told myself, why not.

My favourite experience during this period was the fact that I was parked in a room full of editors, almost no journalist. I got the space to interact with the best talent in the building. It was them who taught me to write and analyse facts better.

From being a Research analyst to managing online community. On the next adventure, I was applying for copywriter role for a Singapore-based company but end up to be a Social Media Research Analyst. They said, “Would you like to try taking a written test for a different role, We’re looking for SMRA for Indonesia?” At the time I don’t even know what kind of job is that or its scope.

But, of course it was a quick “yes” to the question. And yes again, I got the job which led me to learning to understand customers behaviour online. Finding insights from social media buzz, of Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news to forums. Basically, anything the crawler could capture as data from the internet. From the insights We defined actionable recommendations for the clients.

The experience has brought me to the advertising industry. I kicked it off by managing and helping to analyse social media account for brands with goals of handling its community and online activities. From one campaign to another and one position to another til finally I decide to take more freelance jobs for personal reason.

Learning from everybody on developing digital product. How do I ended up in digital product development? It just happened. I followed any challenges deliver to my door. The thing is I’m always eager to understand the purpose of each job I do.

I’m aware that wanting to know everything is too much but I’m still pushing myself to question and learn everything, not to be good at it, but to understand its context, how it correlates to each member of the team and how can I improve it with my knowledge and experience.

Up to this very minute, I’m still learning from everybody.

My knowledge in development, especially backend is still very limited but turn out would be very interesting if I could understand it better.

My goals are to understand how it works, how to improve it, how it affects ideations by knowing its limitation and how can I challenge it to create something new that could benefit more audience.


For those still experimenting with their career, my advice would be, to follow the knowledge. This is the era where we could acquire any skills if we have the willingness to learn and seek the right mentor or medium.

Another thing that is important is to have a positive attitude as when things did not go according to your plan, dreams or what ever you have set back then, it is you who need to tell yourself that, as long as there’s new learnings, stay, until you are ready to leave or have decided to do your own things.

“So, what is your talent,” if one would ask. Then, I’d like to borrow Einstein for that, “I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.”

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