Lowest point, it’s just a phase, all you need is you.

I asked for inspirations, got prayers in return, could not ask for a better circle of friends.

This week, I asked for ideas for writing from my friends. “Inspire me,” I said through my IG story. Today, I wanna start with this one, “Write your lowest point, it will keep you grounded when you’re up there.”

The worst part of being at the lowest point is to meet the possibilities of losing yourself or giving up your value during the time frame. But the best part is, it is a moment to call out your finest version out of your chamber to level it up.

What we often forget, our lowest point should be mere a phase we need to go through, it should not define our entire life.

So, few years back, I was at point where I lost my business and few friends to follow it. It was greed, distrust and fear under one package. So I got the worst coming under one delivery. What I did not see at the time is that the downturn was preparing me for far greater challenge of my life.

During that moment, I remember a friend said to me, “Harty, you have nothing.” I was a bit disappointed to hear that from a friend, however it also made me understand what my surrounding value me for.

I believe losing money or the business is nothing, I could always rebuild it. Losing yourself during the time is the worst that could happen. Rebuilding fortunes can be easier than reinventing yourself once you have lost you. It is not as easy as taking a plastic surgery. Self recovery could take forever if you are surrounded with those who have no interest to meet your finest version.

If today, this week, this month or at early of this year you find yourself at failure, tell yourself that it is just a phase and it is okay to say it is not okay. I remember being inspired to post encouragement note to myself:

it’s okay to be not okay; it’s okay if things did not go according to plan; it’s okay to be mad. It’s okay to lose.

being positive is not ignoring all, but to keep more faith in the good behind the not okay.

it’s okay to feel disappointed;

it’s okay to be angry;

it’s okay to feel stupid;

it’s okay to complain;

it’s okay to cry;

it’s okay to fall;

it’s okay to get up late;

it’s okay to be left behind;

it’s okay to make faulty;

it’s okay to be ignored;

it’s okay to start late;

it’s okay to be lost;

it’s okay to be slower than the rest;

it’s okay to many more not okay…

the important question is what you gonna do about it? your decision and actions that follow it matter most.

complaining without offering solutions makes one a whiner; taking responsibilities is the difference. things you do to turn the table, making the ‘not okay’ a ‘so-so’ or better an ‘extraordinary.’ adjust to be better!

vulnerability makes you human; takes courage to embrace it. depression begins when you start hiding it. bitterness nurtured when you start blaming others.

Two things from myself that keep me going at my lowest point, gratitude and integrity.

Always keep gratitude in check. The only moment when I compare myself with people who are gifted with greatness is only to steal their fighting spirit or wisdom, not to feel sorry for what I don’t have.

Few of us realise that what makes life interesting is that it always presented a fine balance of everything. Instead of envying, I’d rather taking a closer look of what I have or could have better than those extraordinary personalities.

It could be as simple as a good health, supportive family, friends, a roof to shelter, a pet, freedom to dream bigger than myself, a good laughter, the list could be endless if I start counting everything as blessings. Up to the small things.

Integrity can be expensive. The right thing is always the right option to take, no matter what the situation is. To be able to keep your positive values and principles when people least expect it, is your most precious possessions.

By far, my lowest point has prepared me to be stronger for my the toughest moment and as reminder to stay humble for the blessings that come after.

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