Passion fruit treats for gloomy moments


When my ordered came in, a slice of passion fruit cheese cake and a glass of passion fruit mix, I said to myself, what could you do with all that passion. I did not realize ordering a full passion fruit theme to the table.

I was not a big fan of the fruit, but now I found myself curious about it. The name itself fascinate me in a way. How on earth did people end up calling it passion fruit! Well, I know where to look now if I need a passion booster – I laugh to myself. I never thought that it would be the beginning of my journey with the fruit.

Today, walking through my Path timeline, my thoughts back to the passion-booster fruit. In my search of its history, I found that the fruit was called after its many species of passion flower, in reference to its Latin genus name, Passiflora. The Spanish missionaries was said to be the one giving the name during their expository aid to South America in their journey to introduce the native to Christianity.

Digging deeper to find more stories about this called passion fruit, I found that it was the South American Maracuya who first saw the fruit’s flower individual features as the symbolic of the crucifixion of Christ, or as known in biblical history, the Passion of the Christ. The red and purple colors symbolize the ritual colors of the Holy Week. The flower has spikes protruding from the center, symbolizing the crown of thorns. There are 10 petals, for the 10 faithful apostles. Three stigmata symbolize the three nails and five anthers represent the five wounds.

I also found that the fruit is an excellent source of Vitamins A and C with the crunchy seeds offer great fiber. A taste of sour but sweet at the same time made me fall to the fruit. It’s like having a mix of guava and oranges with sensuous smell of tropic. And as I thought about it more, for me, that is an awesome way to describe passion.

What is passion anyway?

When you’re doing what you like, can we sense the passion that you have just by looking at the things you generate? Whatever the form is, either it’s an artwork, writing or services.

If it’s an artwork, can you make people curious about it; make them curious about you as the one crafting it? If it’s a writing, can you invite those reading it to be part of the journey; make them want to read more; make them to look more to your writing; make them see from your angle, to link it with their own journey? If it’s something else, can we sense that you’re having fun at whatever you do?

Can you kill someone’s passion?

From a different angle, you can’t kill someone with passion. It’s obvious that person never had it all along. Because one with passion will always find new ways to sort anything coming as obstacles. The person might even see it as challenges.

For me, the fruit suits its name. Very strong with its unique taste. Mixed it in a glass with others, it still comes strong and gives that fresh feeling to those enjoying it. Would be a perfect treat for me at gloomy moments.

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