The story of mine

For those who wait would see time running slowly
For they make loneliness as companion
For those who seek would see everything in questions
Looking for answers in every words

Called me stupid for believing
Seeing life ‘bout a mirror
You’ll see nothing but yourself
In every scars and scratches lie upon you

Called me stupid for waiting
Hoping to meet with it they named sincerity

Yet everything has an end
We all move forward
I promised you nothing but me

No more begging asking you to make me stay
Coz everything has an end
And I am moving forward

Tell me you’ll find one hundred of other me
Show me your arrogance as I’ve shown you mine

Show me critics then I’ll give you respect
Show me appreciation then I’ll give u loyalty
Show me a smile then I’ll give reasons to move on
Show me friends then I’ll give you friendship

Life is ‘bout a story
And I leave footprints in every pages

20.10.09 – t02

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