the mist

All the sudden I can feel the air twice colder than usual
I take a deep breath hoping to comfort myself with my surrounding
and yet it useless; as if I’m drown into the cold

As I thought, a little mess and there I am
drowning into the deep, falling into the mess itself
counting, questioning, what I have missed?

Why can’t I found you here
when they say, darkness is all you need
yet, meet mister doubt
wonder what I want most; devil or angel

Crap!! It’s getting worse
the air is killing me; I almost lost me
I only add a little strength on the way here
then, I could fall

I would fall in the deep
Time, is it still okay? wonder if I still have it
Am I in the right track
So, this is that the called as mist

Mist of faith, truth
Yes, I am scared;
of You
of the future
of the past
of me

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