When I forgot

Moments when I can’t think clearly
when I forgot how lucky I am

Indeed, things happen beyond my control
but it all happen for its best

although there are moments
when it makes me cry [a lot] and angry,
then forgot how lucky I am

that I able to see things differently
be a shoulder to cry on
and be meaningful in my every moves

Nights, moments when I ask too many questions
Moments when I discover me, more…
When I forgot, I just stood there,
as if I look for nothing
only see life in its sadness,
in its negative point of view then I cry

Wonder why

that’s when I forgot how lucky I am,
but don’t we all do?
When I forgot,
I ignore the words “thank you”

I prefer to keep silent
then I read every note I’ve made

Mr. Time reminds me a lot,
in the strangest way

so many things I missed lately
those who appreciate friendship
who taught me to be modest, to be wise
that do good deeds with no rewards, bullshit!

wonder if it still exist

a listener,
an adviser,

maybe those who still believe
that dreams don’t grow on trees

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