I found myself in the strangest place of all
Funny, I smile as if I enjoy it so much
I found other part of me which I don’t really understand
I smile as if nothing can break me into pieces,
as if I’m stronger than anyone

Funny, I can be so lonely in the crowd, sometimes
Weird, coz I can easily smile as if everything goes okay,
understand others more

U know something,
when u got something to believe in,
nothing can hurt u

Smile in every sorrow, in every weakness
For every tears u dropped means nothing,
other than making u stronger than ever

Grateful for everything that happened, better or worse
as everything is okay, coz this is how things suppose to be

I must move on
I can only look back to seek for strengths, nothing more

I’ll be wiser in every single step I take
Happier, as I choose to be that way
Grateful for everything,
Feel the miracles all around me
then nothing can really break me into pieces

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